Hello and happy Easter weekend! Never ever had I imagined that I’d be blogging about the things I do and posting pictures like these for the whole world to see. I’ve really embraced the accessibility of technology and through this connected with amazing people all over the world. This and the opportunity to express myself while building confidence is why I’ve loved blogging so much. To that end, I want to thank everyone who’s supported my journey. It means more than you know. Thanks for coming by and I hope to see your continued support. Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Vintage blouse || Vintage Levis cut offs || Hat from Anthropologie

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Hello and welcome to Mode Madison!

Do you remember TLC?! As a teenager I was completely obsessed with this hip-hop girl group. To me they were an inspiration (still are) and I saved every penny I had to purchase the Crazy Sexy Cool album back in the day which I still have as part of my CD collection. You could imagine my excitement when I came across the band t-shirt.

Set in front of some local street art, I took advantage of the length of this tee and bared my legs for the shoot. I couldn’t resist incorporating a little vintage to go with the whole old school theme therefore deciding to style it with a rare vintage sequin vest, biker jacket and my new stud boots.

We all have our band obsessions so who was yours as a teen?

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: TLC band t-shirt from H&M || Vintage sequin vest (available soon on modemadison.com) || Boots by Bronx || Necklace as bracelet from Asos || Old bangles from Savers

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Happy weekend lovers

Never mind the bed hair in these photographs because this post is all about the shoes. I purchased these to die for stilletto heel studded boots whilst I was in Barcelona not long ago. I can’t even tell you how many shops I’d browsed in before I found these on the sale rack. It was love at first sight so it only seemed fitting to pair it with my other fashion loves – the crop top and boyfriend jeans.

These boots will form a part of my winter wardrobe staples and I can’t wait to rock them with other stylish ensembles.

Thanks for dropping by all and let me know what you think of the outfit too.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Acid wash boyfriend jeans by Asos || Crop top by Zara || Boots by Bronx 

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NominationSo my girl Dez from The Style Bender recently nominated me for the Liebster award. Thanks hun and to all the readers, make sure you check her out because she’s awesome! Really, I love her personality and personal sense of style.



1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award
2. Answer the eleven questions the blogger gives you
3. Give eleven random facts about you, they can be anything!
4. Nominate eleven blogs that you think are deserving of the award (they must have less than 200 followers)
5. Let the bloggers know you nominated them
6. Give them eleven questions to answer


What made you want to start blogging?
In 2013, I committed to not shopping for new clothes for an entire year and wanted to keep tabs on my journey. I found that blogging and showing the world all my outfits gave me the extra will power to see this commitment through. I enjoyed blogging so much that I decided to continue to do. The focus of my blog has changed however most of my fashion & style posts still see me in all things old which I’m very proud of.

What do you do when you are not blogging?
I work 4 days a week and have a 2 year old so there goes most of my time. Aside from that, although I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, it’s what I do and oddly enough I am pretty good at it. At least everyone that eats my food tells me so. I also love watching TV and when I do get a chance to catch up with my girlfriends it’s usually over high tea or dinner with a chick flick.

What are your thoughts on shopping high end brands versus low end brands?
I love the quality of high end brands and the price tag on low in brands. When I shop, it basically depends what I’m looking for. Am I looking for a fashion investment or can I just settle for something that’s cheap and fashionable like H&M? These days I tend to swerve towards thrifting and vintage pieces. It’s unique, versatile and eco and economical.

What is the best moment so far on the journey of your blog?
Every time, I connect with a blogger across the world, I feel a sense of happiness. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something very special about developing friendships virtually.

Where/Whom do you pull most of your inspiration from?
I’m forever inspired by other bloggers and their personal sense of style. After blogging for a little over 12 months, I’ve developed an appreciation for peoples ability to experiment with fashion and it’s something that I’ve definitely done, especially over the past year. When it comes to celeb style, I’m loving Olivia Palermo, Kate Bosworth and yummy mummy Gwen Stefani.

Most expensive clothing item you’ve ever purchased.
This is a real crying shame but I have thousand dollar suits that just sit in my wardrobe. My workplace is business casual so suits are not required if that’s an excuse.

Most expensive beauty product you’ve ever purchased.
I love love love beauty products and always like to try the natural non-animal tested ones but they are hard to come by. When it comes down to it, I spend it on moisturisers. Jurlique skincare is a favourite but I also love brands including Clarins and Bobbi Brown.

Have you ever been to another country? If yes, describe your experience.
If there was anything I could do for a living, it would be travel so yes I’ve been fortunate enough to go to places in Asia, Europe & America. The flights are hideous but once I’m at my destination, I have a blast and there’s never a time where I’ve wanted to return home. Ever! The experience of travelling with and without kids is extremely different but I make the most of it either way.

What advice do you have to give for someone who is just started out on their blog
Blogging is an amazing way to reflect and express yourself no matter the topic. It’s also a huge confidence booster and you will be amazed by how many people all over the world you connect with. My only advice would be to not be discouraged by the small number of followers you begin with and keep going at it.

Favorite TV Show
At the moment, its the Vampire Diaries. Yep, I am a total sucker for Vamps.

You have to Kiss one, Marry one, Kill one: Tom Hiddleston, Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon Levitt
Really Dez! I’d do all 3 to Ryan. He’s just that kinda guy.

1. I met my best friend when I was 11 years old. I wasn’t very fond of her at first but grew to love her.
2. Shortly after I got married almost 5 years ago, I committed to become a vegetarian. I’ve never felt better and it’s honestly one of the best lifestyle changes I ever made.
3. I’m arachnophobic. Just thinking about spiders makes my skin crawl.
4. My daughter was named after a street in New York and the inspiration for my blog name comes from her name.
5. Royal blue is my favourite colour but the majority of what’s in my wardrobe is black because it’s much more versatile.
6. I have a tendency to spend money and not just on clothes.
7. My favourite past time is eating and watching television.
8. When I finished high school I wanted to become a flight attendant but lucky I didn’t pursue that career because I get terribly plane sick.
9. Theres just something about pizza that makes it the ultimate meal for me.
10. I have a soft spot for old houses and old furniture.
11. I have an e-boutique that I’m yet to launch but it’ll get there and I can’t wait.

< BLOGS I’VE NOMINATED > Unsure if you have less that 200 followers but I read you blog, hence the nominations.
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1. What would your ideal job be?
2. If there was anywhere in the world you could live, where would it be?
3.  Do you have a favourite cocktail/mocktail?
4. Who is you absolute favourite fashion designer and why?
6. What’s the oldest item in your wardrobe and why can’t you let go of it
7. What’s your biggest aspiration in life?
8. Your preference. Short hair or long hair?
9. Can you play a musical instrument?
10. Whats your pet hate?
11. Who is your style icon?

I know thats quite a list but I really can’t wait to read all of your responses.

Thank you all and until next time keep smiling.

Much love, Sovanny xx

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Hello folks and happidy hump day!

There is absolutely no doubt that I love to play a little dress up and experiment with fashion on a daily basis. What I have found as my daughter is getting a little older is that my love for fashion and sense of style is rubbing off her. This just reinforces the fact that as her mother I’m a role model and probably her biggest influence. Yes the shoe and bag obsession is adorable but aside from sharing my love for fashion, I also hope that she grows up to be someone genuine and kind.

This thing I do with my wardrobe and taking pride in the way I look each day is purely for fun and for the most part in makes me feel a little happier. After all, being a parent is both thrilling and tiring which means there are days when I wake up feeling like overly tired because I haven’t had enough sleep the night before. I’m ranting on a little because that’s how it’s been since we returned from Europe a few weeks ago. My beautiful little sleeper has now gone back to waking in the night. I’ve put it down to jet lag, the fact that she was sick and is (probably) going through another growth spurt but I’m no expert. She’s my first child so rather than just making assumptions, I’m simply just going to jump on this roller-coaster ride and see where it takes me. Until then, I may as well cherish all those extra cuddles that I get from my little fashionista because she doesn’t want to leave my side…just yet.

Sending love to everyone with loved ones in their hearts.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

Sovanny XX


I’m wearing: Vintage Levi’s high waisted denim cut offs || Crop top by Zara || Mens tartan shirt by Abercrombie & Fitch || Boots by Asos || Parka by Asos ||Sunglasses by Retrostar Vintage 

Squirt is wearing: Sweater by H&M || Jeans by Target || Sneakers by Vans || Leather biker by Zara || Mens beanie by French connection

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Hello everyone!

When I came across these denim joggers in Zara at the Hong Kong airport, I grabbed them off the rack without even thinking twice. I mean, hello elasticated joggers made from denim!

Easily paired, I decided to tax my husbands top and beanie to create the perfect street/off-duty look. Indeed it’s far more casual than most of the looks on my blog, although I can assure it’s also the most comfortable outfit I’ve sported. I just wish the joggers came in different colours.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Denim Joggers by Zara || Mens boyfriend beanie by Asos || Mens sweater by Banana Republic || Hi-top wedges by Asos || Eagle necklace by Asos 

Squirt is wearing: Sweater by Target || Jeans by Target || Sneakers by Vans || Coat by Zara 

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After recently spending 2 weeks in Barcelona for the first time with my little family, I wanted to share with you all the special things that you can do together. This list is not exhaustive however it sums up our favourite parts of the holiday.


In mid-March, Barcelona was a nice 20oC and the beach was absolutely full of people. After all, Spain is famous for its beaches so no matter the weather, you would be ripping yourself off if you didn’t pay it a visit. The footpath along with beach is lovely for a stroll and you can always grab some takeaway, plant yourselves on the beach and people watch. After you have had enough, you can find a close by restaurant and have a drink before heading back home.


Children cherish playtime and lucky for them, there are playgrounds in just about every street in this concrete jungle. You can easily spend time there every single day to keep fuelling their little souls with excitement. All the playgrounds have their own unique configuration, keeping it interesting for the kiddies and there is always plenty of bench space for you to sit down and relax.


Kids love and adventure and taking the train or bus is always good fun for them. The hop on hop off bus will save you time planning the day and is a great way to see town if you have never been to Barcelona before. Tickets can simply be purchased on board the bus on the day and you can hop on and off as many time as you like until your ticket expires. On the day, we decided to walk up to Placa de Catalunya to feed the birds (lots of fun) before hopping on the bus from there. Parc Guell (another must see) was our main destination and we were glad that we didn’t have to put much thought into how to get there.

Bird feeding at Catalunya Square

Bird feeding at Catalunya Square

A glimpse of Parc Guell

A glimpse of Parc Guell

These are a big hit and best of all they work on tips so you pay what you think the tour was worth. We did 2 free walking tours and I would recommend the Gaudi walking tour which is run by Runner Bean tours. If you are travelling with a child in a pram, do note that there are a few train rides involved in this tour as Gaudi’s work spans widely across Barcelona. Luckily, there are lifts at most of the Trains stations. You will need to fold you pram otherwise and do a bit of juggling. We found it simple to do and the little one enjoyed herself too.

Expect to walk past some amazing architecture on the Gaudi walking tour

Expect to walk past some amazing architecture on the Gaudi walking tour


Walking tours are a great way for kids to also see the city

It can be quite difficult to find some nice grass for you to laze on and have a picnic in central Barcelona. So if you are looking for an inner city park then this is the place to go. It’s absolutely lovely with an abundance of activities for families to enjoy. There is also a zoo if you are interested in spending a whole day there.


Just outside the Ciutadella Park with Arc de Triomf in view


You can catch the cable car up to view Montjuic Park and Castle. Fees are charged per person so unfortunately kids are charged too but is worth it because the views at the top are amazing. We didn’t know what to expect when we arrived up there but it’s a lovely spot to have a picnic and stroll around. There is a Castle up there which will cost you a tiny $3Euro per person. We didn’t bother with it but judging from the people we saw and the viewing area on top of the castle, there are even better views from up there.


After over 100 years one of Gaudi’s master pieces is still being built. Funded by anonymous donations and entrance fees, it is expected that Sagrada Familia will be complete in approximately 20 years’ time. Nevertheless, the inside is complete and you are still fortunate to see one of the world’s most famous churches. Entrance fees can vary however note that children under 4 years of age a free. Also, if you are keen to jump the cue (which is massive), all you need to do is book your ticket online, have it printed and have it with you on your selected date.

In the playground across the road from Sagrada Familia

In the playground across the road from Sagrada Familia

Inside Sagrada Familia

Inside Sagrada Familia

I hope you enjoyed the read and if you have been to Barcelona before, feel free to add to this list.

Sovanny x

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